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Rapel, Chile


A wine to be savored.

The world is filled with exciting things to do and see, faraway lands to explore, fascinating people to meet, exotic foods to try and new experiences to savor.

La Poderosa is an iconic classic wine made for the discerning and the adventurous. It is a timeless motorcycle, a pioneer and a real big classic brand. This vehicle draws a perfect inspiration for the creation of the wines.

The brand was born when 10 International, a highly innovative and progressive company, visited the Chilean wine regions. They fell in love with the scenery, imagined it as a perfect land of adventures and journeys, and established La Poderosa. 10 International is totally committed to their brands. They only work with like-minded people who care and are as passionate about wine as they are, with the same ethos and approach.

La Poderosa is produced by Viña Luis Felipe Edwards, one of the most progressive and highest quality wineries in Chile. LFE is synonymous to quality and traditional family values.  The winery constantly seeks out the best terroirs and vineyards for these wines and invests in the best personnel and technology.

Wines varieties

Varietal – This range of wines offers distinct and forward expressions of classic varietals.  Pure and clean and full of fruit these wines are to be enjoyed as part of life’s adventure

Reserva – These wines have been specially selected from the most premium vineyards to give a concentrated and full bodied experience .  A powerful structure in harmony with bold fruit flavors take your senses on a memorable journey.  Explore and enjoy!



Free your spirit and get In contact with your essence, with what moves you…

                                                                                     Let La Poderosa take you there…






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